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Leoro Showroom

Leoro specialises in contemporary jewellery, offering everyday affordable jewellery that is original, elegant and timeless.

Our philosophy is that jewellery must be beautiful, original, well made and individual. Cool jewellery; jewellery with a story to tell.

We believe our clients are young at heart, open minded and enthusiastic about trends, fashion, travel and fun - a lifestyle.
Our ethos is one of originality, inspiration and soul.

Introducing our own brand

Urband London

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A bit more about us

Leoro Showroom is a premiere showroom for emerging and established talents. Founded by Raoul Sagal, Leoro Showroom is a one-stop shopping destination and experience for leading buyers, stylists and editors to shop a selection of international designers and brands. With a proven track record of identifying designers and brands that will become the next big thing - and stay that way! 


Leoro Showroom offers a full-service model that handles most aspects of a designer's business outside design and production. From collection building to merchandising; customer service, creation and distribution of line sheets, inventory management, brand building, marketing and public relations support.


Through the years, Leoro Showroom has helped build brands such as Marco Bicego in the UK and Europe, and NANIS among others. During 2019 we were developing our own brand, Urband London, which is now available and ready to rock!


Leoro Showroom won the "Business Big Shots" award at the "Professional Jeweller UK Hot 100" in 2013.

As from 2019 Leoro is proud to present its own brand: Urband London

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