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Made in London - Made of Steel

Urband London's first collection of jewellery combines the old with the new - the classical wristwatch band with contemporary innovative designs. Stainless steel, sustainable, high quality bracelets with original patterns. Nickel-free, waterproof and scratch-resistant, finished with two magical textures - polished and luxurious metallic. Taking these bracelets to a new level and presenting them to a new fashionable generation.

The high quality Urband-London bracelets are available in numerous styles and designs.

Handmade in London, sustainable stainless steel bands, nickel-free, waterproof and scratch-resistant

All original designs by Raoul Sagal

After a long career in the international luxury jewellery trade, Raoul Sagal, our founder and designer, has created his own brand. His attention to details, aesthetics, passion and hard work form the foundation for his original designs. Our bands are high quality yet affordable, timeless yet fashionable, comfortable to wear and cool. A bracelet with no clasp!


The collection represents favourite urban patterns and is inspired by art, music, architecture, travel and people from all over the world. Urband London's aesthetic designs tell stories of art & cultures, cities and lifestyle. 

Urband London is available via artisan craft markets, fairs and festivals. If you are a jeweller or a lifestyle retailer and you want to become an official Urband London stockist, we would like to hear from you. We would like to present our brand to you and explain how your business could benefit as an official Urband London stockist.  


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Designed, produced and available from London.


Urband London Pride collection

Made in London